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M.A.D. maintains a selection of some of the most exciting real estate offerings in Ulaanbaatar and in Mongolia. We always want to make sure that you have the right premises to live and work in Ulaanbaatar.

We thus provide a comprehensive Rental & Sales service that matches the needs and requirements of our clients and only deal in those properties that we believe offer both a good value but also which are in a desirable location. Due to the heavy traffic conditions in Ulaanbaatar, we strongly believe in the city centre and thus concentrate on this area to the detriment of Zaisan and the far reaching suburbs of Ulaanbaatar. Our services includes the initial marketing of the property on both our website as well as other medias in Ulaanbaatar..

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 Areas we cover

On the map below are highlighted the four areas of Ulaanbaatar in which we operate. We are sorry to say that due to the heavy traffic and limited demand for outlying or suburban areas of Ulaanbaatar, we are not able at this time to either list or offer real estate in those zones.


State Department Store (City Centre)

The city centre of Ulaanbaatar is focused around the State Department Store, arguably the epicentre of life in UB. It is where most of the markets, shops, restaurants, bars and indeed expats are located. It is an easy area to walk around with some lovely courtyards, fountains and lots of street activity, it is busy in the evenings with shoppers and restaurant patrons enjoying an evening out. The State Department Store itself is the most popular retail destination with a mix of absolutely everything – from food to electronics to clothes – under its roof. The Central Business District is a convenient 10 minutes walk away.

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Central Business District

The heart of the economy and the private sector, the Central Business District is geographically small but attracts the vast majority of larger businesses, high-end hotel, gourmet restaurants and exclusive bars of the city. A quiet, safe and pleasant area in the evenings due to the high number of office buildings and fewer residential buildings, it is a great base from which to live and operate, in particular in the cold winter months. The area is still developing with a number of exclusive landmark buildings under construction but it is already firmly the heart of corporate Ulaanbaatar.

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Baga Toiruu (Administrations)

This area is populated with all the various administrations of the Mongolian state. Nearly all the ministries and various agencies are centred around the Parliament. The area is popular for cheaper but still central housing options. Due to its position as the seat of power, there is considerable redevelopment happening in the zone, making it more attractive year after year.

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Olympic Street

The up-and-coming exclusive residential area of Ulaanbaatar. There are already some high-end buildings available but the area is still very much under construction, this area will eventually be host to the Shangri-la hotel, a number of embassies, some restaurants, retail and luxury residential developments. The area is made up mostly of guarded mixed use compounds and as such has very little foot-traffic or nightlife.

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Our Welcome-Kit

Ulaanbaatar is not only the ‘coldest capital’ on earth, it is also the capital of one of the fastest growing countries in the world and is certainly one of the most exciting and happening places to be at the moment.

This Settling-In guide has been put in place to answer your most basic and immediate questions. It is by no means complete or entirely up to date as things change on a daily basis, but we feel that it contains enough information to get you started with your new life in UB. In the guide you will find a small directory of what we consider to be the essential places that a new expat should know, a few phone numbers, some do’s and don’ts as well as macro information about Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar.

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Welcome Kit

Videos about Ulaanbaatar

M.A.D. TV is a collection of the most relevant, up to date, english language news and features concerning Mongolia. It includes our own productions, presentations and interviews but also those videos from external sources that we believe are relevant to the future growth of Mongolia and its investment environment.

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